Bean Bags Hire FAQ

  • Why do you only hire vinyl beanbags?

    The Australian Made iSEAT® Vinyl Beanbags are Bacteriostat Treated, Marine Grade quality which allows us to wipe them clean after each event with anti bacterial wipes, keeping them clean and hygienic for each event whether indoors or outdoors.

  • What bean bag colours do you have for hire?


  • What’s the minimum hire?

    The minimum hire is 10 beanbags – prices are quoted per 24 hour hire and delivery costs are extra depending on your location.  If you have a clean van or wagon you are welcome to come and pick up from The Gap, Qld.​

  • Are your bean bags safe?

    Yes, all bean bags are complaint with Australian Standards and are fitted with a child-resistant slide fastener. This is usually a zip with its tag removed, which locks into place to prevent easy opening. Reference >

  • Can I use your beanbags Outdoors?

    Yes as long as its a grassed area, concrete can scratch the beanbag if dragged.

  • What do I do, if something spills on the beanbag?

    Bean bags are designed to be wiped clean if something happens to be spilt on them with either a damp cloth or antibacterial wipes.

  • Do you need a security deposit for the bean bag hire?

    No we do not take a security deposit for all hires from Bean Bags Hire & Sales. When you place your order, your invoice is required to be paid 7 days prior to the event and your credit card is required as a form of security for the beanbags.  If any beanbags are damaged we will contact you and discuss the issue before charging anything to the credit card.

  • What happens if a beanbag is accidentally damaged?

    The beanbags need to be returned in the same condition of when hired. Our van and truck are fully lined so beanbags will be inspected upon return to ensure there is no damage. A charge of upto $160-$220 exists for any irreparably damaged or lost/stolen bean bag, if they are returned in a soiled condition, then a cleaning deduction of $5 per dirty beanbag will be processed on your credit card.

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