Bean Bags Hire Terms & Conditions

14th February 2013“we reached our peak of beanbags at 160 marine grade multi coloured beanbags out on hire”

Since then the beanbags have been redesigned to have a wider base for added comfort, branded iSEAT®, filled with premium micro beans & manufactured in Queensland supporting local manufacturers.

Vinyl beanbags are ideal for indoor or outdoor conditions and are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes after each event keeping them hygiene after each event. They are generally a no fuss beanbag but we request if anything spills please wipe clean with a damp cloth. The number & colours of beanbags in stock continually changes depending on client’s requirements. iSEAT® Beanbags are recycled regularly by being sold off, donated to schools or community groups, so register your interest by filling out contact us form.

beanbags hireBEANBAG HIRE FEES

A minimum of 10 beanbags are required per event hire. Cost varies depending on delivery location and each clients hire frame time, thus no costs are outline online.

iSEAT® beanbags are delivered at a mutually agreed time – either the prior evening or on the day required. Hire rates are per 24 hours and we have no surcharge for after hours pickup.

Please fill in the enquiry form with your request and we’ll endeavour to get back to you asap.


Payment for Corporate Events is required at least 14 days prior to delivery to book in driver and is preferred to be made via direct deposit.  Private Hire can be paid on delivery to sight Credit Card required as security.

Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) are also available via PayPal Secure Payment Service. Please call with your credit card details.


Your credit card details are required per hire service prior to delivery for security of the beanbags. Your credit card details shall be shredded on final inspection of beanbags if beanbags are returned in the same condition as dropped off.

If beanbags are soiled please wipe with antibacterial wipes otherwise a cleaning fee of $5.00 per beanbag will be charged on your credit card.  Damaged or stolen beanbags will incur a fee depending on incident upto $200 per beanbag.  (In 8 years of business there’s only been a handful of times we had to do this, so don’t stress the beanbags are tough but comfy.)


A cleaning fee of a minimum of $5 per beanbag will be charged if beanbags are soiled/stained/marked and not returned in the same condition as dropped off. (Minor marks as slight dirt are not charged as the beanbags are cleaned after each event anyway).

If beanbags are permanently marked or damaged the value of the Beanbag Cover will be charged to your credit card via paypal after discussing it all with you.


Zip Pulls Have Been Removed According to Australian Standards

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If your enquiry is urgent please call or sms us on 0404 007 404.

As we might be out on deliveries and can't answer phone straight away, our preference is you please fill enquiry form.

Generally we reply within 4 hours.


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Please sms your enquiry to 0404 007 404 with your email and we'll get back to you asap.